We are artists, we are nomads, and we go to where new projects seek our talents and skills. Living out of our suitcases most of the time, it only made sense to create an e-boutique that has a connection for our love of Asia in particular, Japan. From the culture, the artists, and to the food, we want to bring it with us, wherever we are.

We are a motley group of creators and friends who have worked on many different projects internationally. MIYUSAKA, a retail company that sells finely-crafted Kimonos lingerie, urbanized kimonos for everyday wear, and Japanese Calligraphy artwork (painted by one of the founders, Sandrine Lafond), is our new endeavor. The brand name is a conglomeration of our names.

We are glad that you found your way here, thank you and please enjoy.




   Yumi Ayama, Japanese Culture Advisor.

As a professional lecturer of Japanese culture and a qualified Kimono dressing instructor, Yumi has been promoting and teaching Japanese culture for over 30 years. Yumi’s in-depth knowledge and detailed understanding of Japanese culture and its custom highlight the rich and complex diversity that is Japan. Yumi practices the old ways and opens up a world that transcends western cultures to one of respect, deep emotion, and moral fortitude. Yumi's approach highlights in every move, every gesture just what it is to be Japanese. Yumi’s passion comes across in every aspect of her collaboration and her deep respect for her country and its beautiful customs. Should you be fortunate to meet with Yumi you will come away emotionally richer and have a deeper understanding of Japan’s traditional heritage.


 Sandrine Lafond, Director/Japanese Calligraphy Artist

Celebrated Creative Director, choreographer, and performer, her work has taken her from Europe to North America and for the last 6 years to Asia. She has worked with some of the most respected and revered companies like Cirque du Soleil, RWS, Naga World, Sunac, and Franco Dragone. A dedicated perfectionist, her greatest skill is in taking on new and complicated projects, like opening a new theater in Cambodia and using her knowledge, training, wisdom, and determination to make them successful at the very highest level. Not afraid of working outside the box Sandrine has toured her own one-woman shows as a clown. She works by example and develops deep and collaborative working environments that allow others to excel. More than 20 years ago Sandrine went to Japan to study Butoh dance. It was the beginning of a great passion for this country. For the last two years, she has been training in the art of kimono dressing and creating Japanese Calligraphy artworks in Kobe, Japan.


 Caroline Sicard, Director

Caroline has dedicated herself to the performing arts world, and in the pursuit of creating compelling and powerful visual imagery, whether it be on stage, in film, photographs, or in design. She has an extensive history as a creative director and choreographer, supported by over two decades as a professional dancer working in some of the most internationally renowned productions. She has worked around the globe with entertainment giants such as Cirque du Soleil, Franco Dragone, Celine Dion Angelil productions, Resort World Sentosa, and NAGA World. Caroline has a keen eye for design and creating clothing has been a part of her life for as long as she can recall. These skills are a natural extension of her role in Miyusaka as a director.       

 Mike Devaney, Director

An executive producer and seasoned strategic and architect consultant who has spent the last 30 years working in the live production and event industry globally. Mike has a strong work ethic and attention to detail that helps build collaborative, sustainable, and ethical bridges between people and companies to achieve the highest levels of success. He thrives in the more complicated projects and supports and nurtures his colleagues to ensure all results reflect a team success. Mike is a strong advocate of sustainability and recycling and actively looks at ways of implementing good practices in his personal and professional life. He supports many charities that work toward a better environment and planet for all.

 Paolo Santos, Photographer

Paolo has worked on projects across the globe as an independent filmmaker and photographer with notable companies such as Universal Music France and Celine Dion Angelil productions. He is a visual storyteller who has been creating stunning imageries for over two decades.  His work includes everything from art-house and international dance films, music videos, projection installation content, corporate videos, and short films with environmental consciousness. His photography, which mainly captures the traveling life, is rich and immersive. His cinematography and still photography are visual meditations that aim to inspire and empower. As a responsible world citizen who truly cares about the well-being of the planet, Paolo partnered with the United Nations’ official coral reef monitoring and protection program, ReefCheck Foundation. Paolo is also the co-founder of RunningLeap Pictures, a collaborative that gives space for Paolo to continue to produce creative films and photographic works.