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A lover of beautiful objects. A thoughtful global citizen who curates your life with a keen eye for history, harmony and continuity.

You are art.

Japanese calligraphy draws on the breath and body to express the artist’s spirit. 

 Rendered in ink on Japanese mulberry paper, our art pieces are hand-made, signature-stamped and wet-mounted on backing paper by trained Shodo artist and Miyusaka co-founder Sandrine Lafond. Each item is unique and comes with a certificate of authenticity.



Simply grace and power are the words that come to mind when we view our magnificent pieces from Sandrine. The dance, the flow, the breathe are all evident in her work. Bravo bravo" 

Lavert &Vince Pompei-Benefield

J'adore mon kimono, j'y fais tres attention! Arigato!

Marie-Eve Beaupre

I use to live in Japan and fell in love with their culture and their art. I was so happy to come across the website of Miyusaka. I ordered two shodo pieces and was so impressed by the quaintly of their artwork, a true representation of the quality and care that you would experience in Japan. With pride, we have the two pieces hanging in our living room. We receive so many compliments and love how these two unique pieces  of art complement our house.

Sandi Croft & Rob Millar

Sandrine Lafond's amazing calligraphy is simply... beautiful. I am the owner of the piece Hiyaku. The work resonates confidence and grace in its bold artistic strokes. Ms. lafond has authentically captured the Japanese spirit with her stunning piece Hiyaku.

Tony Chong

Calligraphie sensible dont le mouvement fluide porte l’onirique. Rêveuse je deviens lorsque je plonge mon regard dans les méandres des traits. Heureuse je suis d’un tel élan partagé !

France Pepin

For all that you are