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On this Capelet, the patterns of the flower bouquet were carefully handwoven to the silk fabric, then, the rest was dyed with the SHIBORI method.

HIKITA SHIBORI is one of the oldest and special methods of tie-dying which has been practiced longer than 1800 years. This technique is important to the preservation of Japanese culture.

This custom made Capelet is known to bring protection, strength, and the celebration of a good start in life. The red color is an amulet to ward off all evil spirits and combined with white, it is conventionally used for a celebration.

Hand-made from vintage kimono fabric, Shibori dyed, Hand-woven, 100 % Silk 

Includes a Hand-made flower broche

Adjustable, one size fits most

This Capelet is a piece of art, literally. In Japan Kimonos are always worn with undergarments to never touch the skin, therefore they rarely need to be cleaned. If your Capelet gets stained accidentally, please bring it to a reputable dry cleaning company.