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This stunning and elegant gold Furisode is the perfect kimono lingerie to wear at home or over your favorite outfit. 

In the Japanese culture, the motifs you will find on this kimono represent stability, good luck, prosperity, and warding off bad spirits. 

Comes with a woven ribbon from Italy that can be used as a belt. 


Hand-made with lining, 100% Silk 

Second-hand kimono in excellent condition 

Dry clean only


Small yellowing on the collar crease at the nape level 

Fit & Sizing

Our model is 5'04 in - 154cm

A. Kimono Length (from bottom collar to kimono bottom): 50 in - 127 cm

B. Sleeves Length (from the middle of the back to the end of the sleeve): 28 in - 71 cm

C. Hanging of the sleeves: 42 in - 106.5 cm

D. Kimono width: 55 in - 139.7 cm

Weight: 1.9 Lbs - 0.714 Kgs

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