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Be a Maiko with Ken. The centerpiece of this formal, hand-made vintage kimono is the female character from a Noh play, recognizable by the white mask she is wearing. Noh theater is a traditional performing art of Japan.

This motif is of a female wearing the typical kimono worn in 1400-1600 AC. As seen in the motif, In the old days, Japanese women used the sword.

It was hand-painted by the artist who signed on the bottom right.


Maiko Experience

As part of the Maiko Experience, this kimono comes with a one-hour free live video class with Yumi Ayama, our Japanese certified teacher. She will take you through the steps to dress like a Maiko (an apprentice Geisha). Kimono dressing is really fun and very different from anything you have experienced before. Please note that more than one class may be desired.

All accessories including a pair of shoes and a handbag are part of this package.


Second-hand Kimono: Hand-made, Hand-painted, 100% Silk 

Second-hand Obi: Hand-made

Second-hand Obi-age (scarf): Hand-made, 100% Silk with Shibori details


All accessories are new.

The Nagajuban (white undergarment) is made of cotton and polyester. Please follow the washing instructions on the tag. It was purposely chosen very thin for added comfort.

1 Obijime (Obi cord), 1 pair of Tabi Socks, 1 pair of Zori Sandals, 3 koshihimo (Kimono cords), 2 Datejime (Elastic wide belts), 1 Obi Ita (Board to put inside the Obi), 1 Elastic waist belt, 1 clip. 

Second-hand bag

 Fit & Sizing

Our model is 5'5" ft - 167 cm

A. Kimono Length (from the bottom of the collar to the bottom of the kimono): 60 in - 152 cm

B. Sleeves Length (from the middle of the back to the end of the sleeve): 25 in - 63.5 cm

C. Hanging of the sleeves: 16 in - 41 cm

D. Kimono width: 55 in - 140 cm

For Maiko dressing, the width is to be wider than your actual hip size by 30 cm or more.

Weight: 2.60 Lbs - 1.62 Kgs

Length of kimono: "None of the kimonos is my size!",  "The size I ordered is too big!". Please don’t worry. Whatever your size, you can use a koshihimo (Kimono cord) to adjust the size to something that suits you.

Please note: regular size kimonos can be worn by people whose height is between 4’9”~5’9” (150cm~180cm)

Length of sleeves: They will reach in between your elbow and your wrist.


This kimono is a piece of art, literally. In Japan Kimonos are always worn with undergarments to never touch the skin, therefore they rarely need to be cleaned. If your kimono gets stained accidentally, please bring it to a reputable dry cleaning company.

The same care for Obi and Obi-age.

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